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Yogi Life : Conscious Pregnancy

Yoga teaches that our thoughts, emotions, and environments can have a strong effect on our overall wellbeing. Pregnancy is a sacred time during which a woman should put some extra attention on creating a stable, nurturing, and secure environment as her vibratory...

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Yogi Life : Wearing White

If you're looking for a boost in your radiance consider wearing more white clothing. Yogic technology teaches that dressing in white helps expand your aura and creates a bright, radiant, and pure projection. The color white reflects all colors which, combined with its...

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Yogi Life : Long Hair

Do you know why some yogis keep their hair long? Yogic technology teaches that human hair serves more of a purpose than simply adding to our look. Long hair helps increase sensitivity and awareness like our own little energy antennae. Coiled at the top of the head,...

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Yogi Life : Cold Showers

The best way to start your day is with a cold shower. This yogic technique to vitality and radiant skin is a simple and free yogic beauty tip. The colder, the better. So turn your shower all the way to cold and get ready to greet the day with courage. The shock of the...

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I feel like the energy is moving more freely through my body and I have more range of motion in my leg without as much pain. His East/West Sports Massage was unlike anything I’d experienced before. The stretching was amazing. Thank you!!

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