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Mastering The Art of Nutrition with SuperHealth®

Yogi Bhajan insisted: “Happiness is your birthright,” and so is excellent nutrition.  You deserve to be happy in your relationship with food.  Are you?  How do you reach perfect health and happiness when it comes to food?  How do we feel empowered to make the most...

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Break Bad Habits and Addictions NOW

February 1-3, 2019, The Metta Space to host a powerful program to help anyone break any kind of bad habit or addiction. Your human potential may be blocked by bad habits or addictions.  Now, you can succeed at transforming this behavior into energy to live your best...

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I feel like the energy is moving more freely through my body and I have more range of motion in my leg without as much pain. His East/West Sports Massage was unlike anything I’d experienced before. The stretching was amazing. Thank you!!

Maria Brown