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Forty Golden Days – Day One

I’m someone who feels pretty mindful about my health.  I eat a varied, not-too-processed plant-based diet, exercise, and try to keep my stress levels down with meditation and regular sleep.  Nevertheless, I still often feel like I miss the benchmark of some...

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If there is one thing I could have had during my peak of depression and anxiety, it would have been for someone else to tell me how important nutrition is to help manage the pain. I would have given up all the money I had for even 1% of that pain to go away for even...

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Another spirit donned its space suit born of star stuff;Intrepid traveller from some mysterious place of Origin,Come to earth as flesh and blood, as thirsting soul,To sip again from the cup of human experience. Bold explorer of exterior and interior worlds:Moving...

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Tantric Numerology

What is Tantric Numerology and how can it help you align with your truth and with the energy of this year? Tantric numerology offers you a “map of life,” which assists with your alignment with your highest vibrational self.  It is a sacred tool to help unlock...

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I feel like the energy is moving more freely through my body and I have more range of motion in my leg without as much pain. His East/West Sports Massage was unlike anything I’d experienced before. The stretching was amazing. Thank you!!

Maria Brown