Mukta Kaur, founder of SuperHealth®, talks in depth about the process of bringing compassion and healing into the realm of human experience where we feel plagued by addictive behaviors. Mukta embodies great wisdom — she has witnessed the years-long process of Eastern Yogic Science and Western Medical Science merging with one another to bring accelerated and effective healing of mental patterns that cause human behavioral addictions. She sees how grit and compassion can carry every being into the experience of SuperHealth®.

Surjot Kaur: What developments have you seen in the field of addiction recovery over the past 40 years?

Mukta Kaur: I studied directly with Yogi Bhajan that is my perspective. The way Yogi Bhajan said it, “Addictions is anything you cannot stop on command.” So that broadened the scope of what we considered an addiction. Addiction is related to anything behavioral. What was traditionally considered addictive—drugs, alcohol, work—shifted. Yogi Bhajan helped us to notice more addictions: What about being addicted to advancement, jealousy, worry, resentment, negative mindset? We can be addicted to the ways we think about other people and ourselves.

Today, so many of our problems begin from stress. We are having to deal with the level of stress we never had to deal with before. We have devices and technology. We have everything at our fingertips. Yet, we are so stressed out. We move from one pressure cooker to the other situation that is another pressure cooker. At the end of the day, we have a moment, and we don’t know how to relax. We don’t know how to use our own inner wisdom to relax. We reach for externals to relax.

The level of stress is root cause how we got here and the state of affairs in 21st century. This level of stress opens us up to a lot of vulnerability. With regard to food, we eat emotionally, not because we are hungry. Food can become an addiction. Gambling…shopping…eventually something will bring us to the need to go within. All answers come from within and lie within the Self.

SuperHealth® teaches people a way to get back to that inner connection. Connect to Creator, God, or a Forcefield. Whatever you want to call it, or you do not have to call it anything. But there is something that instills this breath of life within us and sustains us every moment of the day. When we become humbled to know this, we realize that as long as breath is coming in and the breath is going out, we are held. We are okay.

SK: Why have we become so consumed with these pressure situations?

MK: We get into a state of spiritual amnesia. We start running after things that are not in our best interest. We get entangled in relationships. We start to create our own misery. We start to differentiate when what is needed is to sit still within ourselves.

There is an epidemic today…an opioid crisis. When the pressure is too much, we turn to prescription drugs. We don’t want to feel pain. When we feel miserable, angry, frustrated, depressed, we want to numb those feelings. We have deep emotional pain, but nobody wants to feel that. There is a lot of self-medicating. In emotional pain, we go to the doctor; but that’s not the answer. Those prescription drugs may give quick, momentary peace; but it is not enough to eradicate the emotional pain.

So much this pain stemmed from childhood, so we need to actively participate in a lot of inner work to re-program old patterns. It takes time and daily dedication to create a practice. Whatever pain we have, we have to face the pain. No one is perfect. No parenting is perfect. But the hope is that pain can be recalibrated. We can use yogic tools to reprint new patterns into our brain. These can totally change the way we feel about ourselves.

It’s all reprogrammable and changeable. That’s what excites me. We can change. This program is certainly good for the yoga teacher and the healthcare professional because they see people struggling with emotional pain every day. This program gives people practical tools that they can implement.

SK: Why is it so hard for people to face the pain directly and open their heart’s torecovering from pain without the use of drugs?

MK: That’s where Kundalini Yoga helps to develop grit so that we are not so susceptible and vulnerable. We can develop greater inner strength. We have the nervous system and the wherewithal. We need to understand that life has great challenges, and anything less than that is a fantasy. It is a fantasy to feel secure that the birds are singing and life will someday be perfect. There are cloudy days. It does rain. That’s when we extend ourselves to develop theinner grit. People feel armed when they run up against life’s challenges. To wish pain would go away is a fantasy. But these teachings gives people hope that whatever it is they are dealing with, we can work through it hand-in-hand and give unconditional love. So, no one should feel isolated and alone. We can stand with people and have our presence work. We understand. It’s going tobe okay. There is someone in their lives who understands and is willing to stand by them.

SK: Do you have a memory of your time with Yogi Bhajan, or a favorite Yogi Bhajan quote?

MK: I attended a conference with him in which someone asked, “What do you do with the drug addict?” Yogi Bhajan answered, “Who is not an addict?” His answer made me realize coping with addiction is not about us and them. Instead, we need to approach addiction by asking, well, what is your drug of choice? Maybe you are addicted to advancement. Or, you are addicted to power. It’s not about us and them. All of us are in the addictive behavior experience together as humanity.

What is your drug of choice? I learned a lot from that. We need to cultivate positive habits that can maintain our health. So, I am hopeful. We can change the ways we think. We can change our mind’s patterns. Everyone has a past. We can learn from it and don’t allow it to haunt us. As difficult as anyone’s past may be, at least we know what not to do. For instance when someone becomes a new parent, she or he may be clueless about parenting; but the past can teach what not to do, what did not work.

SK: How are yogic sciences being more integrated into professional medicine?

MK: These days, research is being done. It is exciting because so much of this yogic technology is being validated through scientific studies. Back when Yogi Bhajan first taught, a lot of this wasn’t sourced; but now it is. There is more and more validation from the research-based science. Yogi Bhajan told us that if there was anything better, he would have given it. He told us that, what they are going to see is your light. They are going to want to know what freed you from your trauma and dramas. They are going to want to know what breath or meditation freed you from your own troubles. They are going to want techniques that will help them not to be haunted by the past and help us not to dwell in the past. All we need to feel enabled us to learn from the past and move forward and live in peace. This technology is priceless. Yogi Bhajan planted the seeds to keep the teachings pure by creating kundalini yoga teachers. Who better to entrust this with than the next generation?

What they are going to see is your light. They are going to want to know what freed you from your trauma and dramas.

– Mukta Kaur

So, it is exciting to see that SuperHealth® is getting approved for so many licensing board in the medical community. These courses are approved for nurses and yoga therapists. We are seeing these cross over from yoga community to traditional medicine. That is where we are going today. This integration was a calculated intention. We knew back then that we have to integrate. People trust the nurse practitioner, and now the nurse can recommend a breath technique or food. We have been very intentional about Integrating this into mainstream society. Let people use the best of both worlds. When the yoga science is used with practical application in the medical recovery system, we grow closer to our potential to integrate.

SK: Can you speak more about what this workshop will offer?

MK: The workshop is an opportunity to experience the technology first hand. We will serve fresh, therapeutic juices. Attendees will experience how these juices feel very alive. It is a wonderful opportunity to come have this experience and share it with others. Healthcare workers and yoga teachers are best supported by as many tools as you can have in your toolkit because different people have different needs. So, gain as many tools as possible to help all varieties.

We’re making a difference and that is our commitment to reach out and make people and step up to ask anyone and everyone, how can I serve you today to make your day that much better?

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