Simple Everyday Yogic Technology for an Optimal YOU

This breathing exercise provides a boost in vitality. It can have a cooling, cleansing effect. It is great when you are looking for some PEACE DEALING WITH CRAVINGS OR OTHER FIERY EMOTIONS or just trying to cool down in the summer.

1 – Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position and tuck in the chin slightly to elongate the back of the neck, lifting the crown of the head towards the sky.

2 – Roll the tongue into a “U,” with the tip just outside of the lips. (This is an inherited trait that not everyone can do! If you’re one of those people who can’t, you can still gain the benefits by sticking the tongue out slightly and breathing over a flat tongue)

3 – Inhale deeply through the rolled tongue.

4 – Exhale through the nose.

5 – Continue for 3 minutes.

END by inhaling deeply through the nose, suspending the breath, exhaling, and relaxing.