Instead of opting for one of the myriad plastic or rubber yoga mats on the market, practitioners of Kundalini Yoga are encouraged to practice yoga and meditation as the yogis historically did, that is on natural animal skins. Yogis have for centuries traditionally meditated on animal skins, most often from tigers.  Since nowadays tigers are increasingly endangered, sheepskins are a far more sustainable and accessible option.

When I first started getting into Kundalini Yoga, I thought it was strange to see people in yoga class carrying around big fluffy white sheepskins.  It was only after months of practicing Kundalini Yoga and being gifted a tiny and rather worn sheepskin from a friend who was trying to downsize, that I started to understand the appeal.  These fuzzy skins provide just the right amount of cushion and warmth for supporting a meditative experience.

There are numerous purported benefits of practicing on a natural sheepskin:

  • It is balancing for your electromagnetic field.
  • Sheepskins ground you by helping to separate your body from the Earth’s magnetic pull as you connect to the ethers.
  • They provide a place of integrity wherever you meditate, practice yoga, & relax.
  • A sheepskin insulates your spine and nerves from outside energies.
  • Sheepskins are nurturing, comforting, and protective.
  • The natural properties of wool help regulate temperature and humidity by making a cozy microclimate ideal for your practice.

Available at The Metta Gift Shop, these sheepskins come from free range sheep raised in New Zealand & Australia and are a Kundalini Yoga must-have. The sheepskins are a byproduct of the meat industry; sheep are never killed for their skins, and it is said that meditating on a sheepskin helps to liberate the soul of the sheep and its lineage.

The pelts are processed with clean ingredients for you and for the environment. No formaldehydes are used and everything possible is recycled during the sheepskin process.