The rising cost and falling accessibility of high quality healthcare has become a central issue facing the United States.  Faced with these challenges, many turn to complementary or traditional forms of healing to take a proactive stance towards their health and wellbeing.  These healing modalities can empower individuals through their holistic approach to self-care and preventative medicine and provide people with tools to promote stress-relief, balance, and self-awareness regarding their own health.

Community acupuncture is an attempt to make access to acupuncture, an integral Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modality that seeks to promote health through a balanced flow of life energy or chi through the subtle energy channels of the body, widely available and affordable to the public.   This style of acupuncture is done in a group setting, allowing the acupuncturist to work with many different individuals efficiently and effectively while still being able to address unique needs.

Although studying acupuncture and other forms of holistic medicine proves elusive to standard Western medicine, studies have established a connection between acupuncture and many forms of pain relief.  While in East Asia, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of health concerns.

Each month, there will be an opportunity to experience group acupuncture with sound healing at The Metta Space.  Designed to empower and give each participant individual attention, this unique pairing of acupuncture and sound healing can help address stress, pain, fatigue, and many other complaints.

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