Simple Everyday Yogic Technology for an Optimal YOU

This potentially challenging posture taps into your CREATIVE ENERGY & POWER. It provides an instant pick-me-up.

    1. Squat down onto your toes. Heels are together and raised off of the floor. The heels remain in contact with one another throughout the entire exercise. Keep knees spread wide and your fingertips touching the ground between your thighs.
    2. Inhale as you lift your buttocks up toward the sky, keeping your hands and balls of feet on the ground. Your nose moves in the direction towards your knees.
    3. Exhale as you return to the starting position. Keep your head level and looking forward.
    4. Continue this up and down cycle with the breath. Start with 26 repetitions and incrementally try to increase the number of repetitions until you are able to do 108.
    5. END by inhaling deeply into the up position and hold your breath. Then exhale, come down, and relax.