Throughout the ages, teachers and seekers from all over the world have spoken of the power of words. Whether through songs, affirmations, incantations, stories, or mantras, humans shape the world through language. Yoga tells us that the world is created through vibration, and that certain frequencies can have extremely positive effects on our lives.

SA TA NA MA is a sacred vibration. It invokes the totality of the universe represented through creation, dissolution, and rebirth. These sounds help create balance and pull you towards your destiny. Use it to spark change and transformation.

Whenever you want to work with this mantra, you can vibrate this sound internally on the breath. Inhale deeply and silently repeat the word ‘SA’. Exhale slowly and smoothly ‘TA’. Inhale ‘NA’. Exhale ‘MA’. Continue breathing and meditating on this sound current for a few minutes.