The benefits of healing with crystal singing bowls are numerous.  The sounds of crystal singing bowls balance the chakra system and re-energizes the aura which allows for healing on many levels. Sound vibration possesses the ability to penetrate every cell in the body which is highly rebalancing, therapeutic, and transformative.

Sound healing dates back to ancient civilizations of India, Africa, Europe and Asia whose each individual tradition demonstrates how sound creates life through bells, chimes, bowls, gongs, drums and vocal toning.  Modern science continues to discover more about vibrational energy fields and how they interact with one another.

Sound healers use intention in combination with specific vibrational frequencies to create harmony and health on many levels. The power and healing properties of crystals are also well known.  Crystal singing bowls amplify and focus that power and frequency. Deeply relaxing, the play of sound vibrations beautifully activate the body’s natural healing abilities. 

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